All too often, human error is identified as the primary cause of disasters in the media. However, most of these incidents could be prevented if people knew how to react in emergency situations. The modular training system of E. Iserloh-Schöning GmbH helps organizations to increase their safety precautions by enabling staff members to take the right actions in the case of an emergency. From basic knowledge to extensive expertise, a range of modules enables the systematic development of fire protection competences within your company.

Your company would like to meet its legal requirements or build up further competences in the field of fire protection? Then contact us, we will be happy to advise you and offer you a suitable concept for your business area.

SYSTEMATIC Education: Our Modular Training Courses

B1 Basic knowledge
Module 1: Basic Knowledge
In this foundational seminar participants learn how to prevent fires and how to take appropriate countermeasures in an emergency. Among other topics, participants of this module attain knowledge that helps to reduce the natural fear of fire, enabling staff members to take on more responsibility in hazardous situations.
B2 Evacuation measures
Module 2: Evacuation Measures
Far greater dangers than from a fire emanate from its accompanying threats. The development of smoke and the associated lack of oxygen is more life-threatening than the danger of suffering severe injuries from burns. Accordingly, taking the right measures and attending to affected parties can save lives and is as important as a quick response to a fire. This seminar builds on and complements the foundational level course by providing further knowledge of fire protection and evacuation procedures.
B3 Fire Protection Assistant
Module 3: Fire Protection Assistant
According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, every company is obliged to provide an in-house fire department (§10 ArbSchG). The seminar, Fire Protection Assistant, fulfills these requirements and builds on the foundational courses to provide a deeper understanding of safety issues and fire protection practices.
B4 Advanced Knowledge
Module 4: Advanced and Specialized Knowledge
Specialized knowledge is required in many industries to effectively manage threats and to comply with fire protection and safety regulations. In retail outlets, for instance, managers must ensure the safety of their customers, while hospital staff needs to take into account the mobility of patients in emergency situations. Other businesses use hazardous substances in their production processes, which requires sound technical knowledge to minimize risks.

The fourth and final seminar in our modular training programme confers the necessary know-how to deal with fire protection issues in specific industries. E. Iserloh-Schöning GmbH partners with various institutions and experts to provide the best and most current knowledge of fire protection practices to meet every business need.
Information Material
A more comprehensive description of our training programmes can be found in our information material.

Please contact us, we can help you identify fire protection needs within your organization and create tailored training concepts for you.

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