With more than 100 years of experience in fire protection and safety technology, there is no product that the E. Iserloh-Schöning GmbH cannot offer – from small, hand-held fire extinguishers to complete sprinkler systems. Contact us for more information on how you can best meet your safety needs.


Fire Extinguishers
Fire extinguishers come in many forms and sizes. The E. Iserloh-Schöning GmbH offers fire extinguishers for all types of businesses and application areas. An overview is available below:

Smoke Detectors
Fire detectors are probably the most common tool used for fire safety purposes. Smoke or heat sensors detect threats and send out an acoustic signal to alert people, who can then take appropriate measures to fight initial fires or start evacuation procedures.
Mobile fire stations and containers
Concerts and other big events require special precautions to ensure the safety of the large number of visitors or spectators. In situations, where the fire protection infrastructure is inadequate or altogether missing, mobile fire stations and containers are deployed to provide a first line of defense. Moreover, mobile fire stations can be used in emergency situations to fight fires in remote areas, until further measures can be taken. Please get in touch to find an optimal fire protection strategy for your particular needs.


Filling Stations
Modern filling stations work with many different extinguishing materials and technical gases. The E. Iserloh-Schöning GmbH can set up state-of-the-art filling stations and run the necessary, certified tests on pressurized bottles. The systems are always implemented to meet the highest safety standards and offered worldwide by the E. Iserloh-Schöning GmbH.

We offer the following solutions:

Carbon Dioxide CO2
Nitrogen N
Synthetic Foam Extinguishing systems
Powder Extinguishers ABC
Powder Extinguishers BC

Oxygen O2
Industrial gases

Other materials upon request
A sprinkler system offers a comprehensive solution to fire threats, which actively safeguards company assets and prevents harm from coming to employees and other stakeholders. The E. Iserloh-Schöning GmbH provides a multitude of options to implement these fire protection systems and has served clients in a broad range of industries. Not matter if you are looking to protect corporate headquarters, shopping centers, manufacturing sites or private practices - the E. Iserloh-Schöning GmbH is the ideal partner for fire safety solutions that help your organization to avert severe economic damages. We are recognized by the VdS, FM Global as well as the NFPA and meet the highest security and quality requirements.
Hydrant systems allow a targeted response to fire threats and complement automated technical systems, which function without the involvement of people. They represent an additional security measure, which can prevent potentially severe damages to buildings and people, when handled by trained experts. The E. Iserloh-Schöning GmbH can help you implement hydrant systems, from the construction of the risers to the subsequent maintenance of the system.
Fire Detection and Alert Systems
Early and systematic fire and smoke detection systems are necessary for the effective handling of threats. To protect organizational assets and to keep harm from coming to company stakeholders, alert systems are central to the safety concepts of buildings and often required by law. The E. Iserloh-Schöning GmbH offers a variety of implementation options, not matter if this involves a small number of rooms or a whole building complex.
Voice Alarm Systems
Large buildings and commecial units with high visitor numbers require specialized warning systems, so that the right security and evacuation procedures can be put in place to keep your stakeholders safe in case of an emergency. Voice alarm systems are usually installed for these purposes, as they allow the acoustic communication of safey information and make people aware of potential threats, which enables them to make their way to the nearest exit. Please get in touch to find out how the E. Iserloh-Schöning GmbH can assist you in finding the best possible solution for your company.
Smoke and Heat Extraction Systems
Smoke and heat extractors combine many advantages in a precautionary safety concept, as they serve both protective and structural functions. The E. Iserloh-Schöning GmbH delivers a broad range of smoke and heat extractors, including those with skylights, noise isolation or side windows.
Structural Fire Protection
Active fire protection systems are often at the core of many building safety concepts, while passive, structural elements receive less attention. Fire walls and doors, however, play a crucial role in preventing and containing fires in the first place, so that these solutions should be combined in a holistic fire protection strategy. This ensures that organizational assets and infrastructures are optimally guarded against risks and the chances of productive downtimes are minimized. We are happy to implement all sorts of fire-retarding sealings or other passive solutions for you, just get in touch to learn more about the potential options!
Emergency Lighting and Power Systems
Organizations need to ensure that people can escape in the case of an emergency. Even in the hours of darkness, people need to find their way out of a building. Accordingly, safety lighting is required by law and can comprise relatively simple solutions, such as portable lights, or sophisticated systems, such as central battery systems, which work even in case of a power outage. The E. Iserloh-Schöning GmbH maps, designs, installs and maintains all necessary technical facilities to enable organizations to fulfill these requirements.
Emergency Exit Plans and Signs
Emergency exit plans are a part of every fire protection strategy. Clear, easy-to-read, and current plans as well as conspicuous signs save lives in critical situations and are required by law. Our experts have created emergency exit plans for clients in all kinds of industries and can provide optimal solutions for your organizational infrastructures. We help you meet all your security requirements, not matter if you are looking for fire protection plans or fire brigade routing cards.
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