Every constuction and modernization project presents its own challenges and requires customized work processes. The E. Iserloh-Schöning GmbH offers a range of services to enable companies to make the most out of their physical assets. The service offering covers the whole lifecycle of a project:
  • Advice and Analysis
  • Planning and Engineering
  • Implementation and Project Management
  • Management, Maintenance and Optimization


Advice and Analysis
No matter if you are overseeing the construction of a new building or the renovation of organizational facilities, the E. Iserloh-Schöning GmbH offers advice in all phases of a project and analyzes the adequacy of existing security concepts. Its services range from technical consulting, which includes the identification of specific business needs and corresponding implementation options, as well as the exploration of efficiency improvements, which allow organizations to save costs. The diverse product portfolio and the long-standing experience of the E. Iserloh-Schöning GmbH make it an ideal partner for the development of organizational infrastructures.
Planning and Engineering
After the best possible solution for your construction or renovation project has been identified, the planning stage begins. Based on the physical layout of the building, technical designs are created, permits are requested, and execution plans are produced. In addition, complex projects are split into different phases to ensure the effective use of resources and timely completion of all construction processes.
Implementation and Project Management
The implementation of construction or modernization projects starts as soon as the planning stage is completed and all technical details are set out. The E. Iserloh-Schöning GmbH offers all kinds of services, so that organizations benefit from a smooth work flow and professional project management. Amongst other services, it manages and oversees building sites, coordinates construction activities, manages health and safety procedures, maintains cost control and commissions technical facilities. If you are looking for the optimal execution of your project, the E. Iserloh-Schöning GmbH is your ideal partner.
Expert´s Report
After catastrophes the importance of preventative planning and analysis moves into the limelight. The E. Iserloh-Schöning GmbH offers a range of consulting services from fire security experts and generates certificates, which often allow companies to avoid these issues in the first place. An additional benefit of the safety measures is that insurance premiums on company premises can often be reduced.

As a partner of the insurance industry, the E. Iserloh-Schöning GmbH can help organizations minimize their risks and insurance costs. A quick example helps to illustrate this point: the implementation of a fire safety system that is not required by law can lower the risk factor in your insurance scheme, so that the insurance contributions decrease. If you want to learn more about the possibilities to reduce costs, while increasing your security precautions, please contact us.
Control Center
The E. Iserloh-Schöning GmbH handles reports on accidents, break-ins, water and fire damages as well as technical system failures through its control center, which is monitored day and night, 365 days in the year. A range of options is offered towards this end, including the possibility to send out emergency calls directly from lifts or enabling remote maintenance services. We are happy to help you implement a professional emergency response system, just contact us to discuss the potential options.
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