Digital technologies have become an indispensable part of the economy, which is why electronic systems and devices are essential for the competitiveness of every company. To ensure that your organization can draw on the full range of resources and the right internal infrastructures, E. Iserloh-Schöning GmbH offers a wide range of technical implementation options.

Electrical Engineering

Information Systems and Data Networks
Information systems and data networks are a cornerstone in modern workplace design. A fast internet connection is essential for accessing online content, cloud servers as well as software-as-a-service solutions and thereby crucial for the productivity of your workforce. The same goes for access to a corporate intranet, which requires a reliable communication network. E. Iserloh-Schöning GmbH can implement the necessary infrastructure for you and will be happy to advise you on the latest technology.
Communication systems and media technology
Communication systems enable an optimal flow of information between different business units and internal stakeholders. Phone systems, for instance, allow the swift exchange of information, while they are also used to redirect incoming calls to the right person. Likewise, different media systems are used to convey information and often installed in conference rooms, which may include video conferencing tools to enable meetings with international partners or company branches. E. Iserloh-Schöning GmbH can implement these systems for your organization, enabling your business to create a productive working environment.
Security technology and access control systems
Office buildings are often insufficiently protected against unauthorized access and other security threats. This can have serious consequences and can lead to economic damages, which could easily be averted if the right preventive measures were taken by organizations. E. Iserloh-Schöning GmbH offers a range of technical solutions, such as access control and video monitoring systems, which minimize the risk of security breaches.
Lighting technology
Perfectly lit office buildings and manufacturing sites are essential for smooth business processes and productive work environments. E. Iserloh-Schöning GmbH installs all sorts of lighting systems to meet every customer need. From fully-automated floor lighting to individually adjustable LED lights, we bring your ideas to life.
Voice control systems
Large buildings are often split into different rental units or compartments, so that intercom systems or other control mechanisms are necessary to regulate the access to certain parts of the premises. E. Iserloh-Schöning GmbH can implement many different solutions for your company, including light call systems for the healthcare sector.
High and low voltage technology
Electric supply systems can have different voltage levels that meet particular organizational demands and power a variety of devices. Whether a high or low voltage network needs to be created, E. Iserloh-Schöning GmbH is your reliable partner for the implementation of these projects and has the relevant switching authorizations for the respective German states.
Since devices require different voltages to function, power transformers are used to convert electrical currents from a power source to suit particular purposes within a building. E. Iserloh-Schöning GmbH implements these to fit your organizational needs.
Power distribution systems and connections
An access to a main power line is useless without the right internal electricity distribution system. Every computer, phone or electronic device must be connected to a power source to function. E. Iserloh-Schöning GmbH offers a wide range of options for setting up the right internal infrastructure for a modern working environment.
Electrical supply and emergency power systems
An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is essential in many industries. Hospitals need to ensure that life support systems function even in the case of a power outage and companies require central business processes to run throughout the year. Back-up power systems or emergency generators provide on-site solutions to these problems by allowing organizations to offset external supply shortages, so that the threat of downtimes is diminished. E. Iserloh-Schöning GmbH can help your company implement these systems to minimize operational risks.
Installation of electronic devices
The installation of an electrical system represents only a part in the development of organizational infrastructures. A multitude of devices is necessary to create optimal working environments or enticing user experiences in buildings. E. Iserloh-Schöning GmbH offers a range of implementation options to ensure your company gets the most out of its facilities.
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