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For many years, E. Iserloh-Schöning GmbH has been a reliable partner for organizations in all matters relating to fire protection and safety. Whether you are overseeing a large construction site or less extensive renovation works on your premises, the expertise and long-term experience of our teams ensures the best possible implementation of your project. The services of E. Iserloh-Schöning GmbH go beyond the area of security technology and include electronic installations, heating and cooling systems, and the structural redesign of buildings. Various professional services and training courses complete our portfolio, so you can rest assured that your organization is in the best hands before, during and after a project.

Are you looking for a new fire protection concept for your company or planning a modernization project? Contact us and we will be happy to advise you on possible implementation options.
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E. Iserloh-Schöning GmbH constantly improves its processes to reduce its environmental footprint and to offer sustainable solutions to its customers. Efficient building equipment, optimized services and maintenance works as well as recycling and waste management are central to our business activities.



Technical Facility Management





Everything about our fire protection solutions, from fire extinguishers to automated sprinkler systems

Evaluation of the best fire protection solutions by our experts, taking into account the legal requirements, structural conditions and individual customer demands
Supply and installation of mobile fire protection devices
Installation and commissioning of stationary fire protection systems
Passive fire protection solutions and identification of emergency exit routes

Everything about technical building equipment and the structual transformation of buildings

Electrical Engineering and Communication Systems
Implementation of electronic solutions and information systems, such as power distribution systems, data networks and communication systems
Heating, Cooling, Ventilation
Implementation of heating, cooling, and ventilation systems, including the installation of pipelines and ventilation ducts
Building Modernization and Conversions
Implementation of modernization works, from the disassembly of existing structures to the structural redesign of buildings

Everything about the holistic management and constant opitimization of buildings and technical facilities

Holistic solutions for buildings and organizational infrastructures
Optimization of technical facilities and service providers
Regular maintenance of technical facilities
Organization of cleaning, waste disposal and winter services

Everything about our technical consulting, planning and engineering as well as project management services

Individual technical consulting and identification of improvement possibilities
Engineering and preparation of detailed technical plans for the installation of building equipment
Professional project management and implementation of construction projects
Preparation of expert opinions and certificates, which can help reduce insurance costs
Regular maintenance to meet regulatory requirements as well as the optional provision of a 24/7 control center

Everything about our employee training schemes to improve organizational fire protection capabilities

Training and further development of fire protection officers and fire protection assistants according to the guidelines of the VFDB
Recurring training and instruction of your employees in accordance with current legal requirements
Our modular training system enables you to train your employees according to their needs, no matter if they require a basic understanding of fire protection strategies or expertise in paricular application areas

Everything about E. Iserloh-Schöning GmbH and its history

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